Escription Powder for UV absorption. CaP: HA-coating on a multilayer material Sunscreen for UV absorption. CaP: HA Powder for UV absorption. CaP: HA-coating on a hollow particle Product for solar radiation protection. CaP: HA Product for solar radiation protection. CaP: not disclosed Solution for UV absorption in sunscreen and textiles. CaP: iron-doped HA iron oxide Solution for solar radiation protection. CaP: HA doped with titanium and iron[225]Woongjin Coway Co., Ltd.[226]Kalichem Italia SRL[227]Laboratory Skin Care Inc.[228]Universidade Catolica Portuguesa Consiglio Nazionale Delle Ricerche Industry-Academic Cooperation Tomatine Epigenetic Reader Domain foundation Gyeongsang National University[229][230]Product for UV and Vis shielding. CaP: iron-doped HA iron oxide[231]Consiglio Nazionale Delle RicercheProduct for solar radiation protection and photoprotective boost effect. CaP: HA derived from natural sources doped with metal ions, TCP metal oxides Solution for UV absorption and scattering. CaP: non-disclosed composite with folic acid[232]Hunan Yujia Cosmetics Manufacturing Co ltdContrastingly, skin cleansing is really a properly explored cosmetic application of CaPs by the market, with 17 published patents, despite the fact that the majority of them had been deposited greater than ten years ago (Table 4) [24965]. Practically all patents harness the higher adsorption capability of CaPs to adsorb sebum [25256,25861,264], though the other individuals use CaPs to market skin turnover or generically clean the skin [24951,257,26063,265]. For the former application, the function of CaPs is to adsorb and hold sebum, and in distinct the fatty acids of sebum, to be able to enhance skin cleanliness, to favor make-up solution adhesion and keep away from make-up smearing, and to prevent the formation of malodorous substances. Inside the case of generic skin-cleaning patents, the part of CaPs should be to favor the exfoliation of dead skin though their abrasive action, together with removing dirt and bacteria. Interestingly, each of the chosen cleansing patents safeguard only complete formulations, in contrast to the patents about CaPs for other cosmetic applications [24960]. It truly is likely that the cleansing effect arises from the entire mixture of the components with the formulation, and because of this the whole final solution was protected. Similarly towards the patents for oral and sun care, the majority of skin cleansing patent refers to HA as the CaP phase [249,25156,259], whilst only in couple of instances other phases as TCP, OCP, pyrophosphates, and ACP, are reported [257,258]. Within the patent [250] the term “amorphous HA” is made use of, which can be incorrect because HA is actually a crystalline phase, and it most likely meant an HA with poor crystallinity. Though in a lot of the patents HA was utilized because it is, in others it was utilized as a coating of β-Lapachone Apoptosis inorganic or polymeric supplies [255,256,258,259,263]. It can be intriguing to note that there is a mismatch between the high number of patents on CaPs as skin cleansing agents and the comprehensive absence of scientific papers around the similar topic. A probable explanation for this can be that skin-cleaning formulations, getting very complex andMaterials 2021, 14,19 ofrich in coadjutants, are tough to study inside a systematic way because the person effect and influence of each ingredient can’t be extrapolated.Table 4. List of patents about calcium phosphate as skin cleansers. Ref [249] [250] [251] [252] [253] Title Creamy apatite face cleanser Cosmetics Skin care preparation Skin care preparation Sebum secretion control kit Sebum adsorbing powder an.