St important and essential aspects from the transformation of UFV into a data-driven organisation What might be the important final results of this transformation Query two: How do you really feel in relation to the transformation project (distant, close, motivated, expectant, confused, etc.) Query three: How would you visualize your day-to-day function for those who had been to possess all of the information out there and were functioning within this way What could be distinct Question 4: How would you describe an analytical mentality and data-based decision-making What would be the attitudes, behaviour, and competences of these individuals Would they be ready Question 5: Let us assume that the important aspects of transforming the university into a data-driven organisation are:Technology: necessary to make facts useable and correct (artificial intelligence, user practical experience, single information lake); Analytic mentality: a data-based culture with all the essential competences; Leadership and decision-making: depending on information (data controls and KPIs); Enhanced information management (data top quality, ethics, improved processes).With these, precise and top quality information can be collected using the necessary technology and analytic mentality to make use of this data to possess a fuller picture of reality, improved decision-making, and management in the service of folks and their development. Score from 1 to 10 your degree of agreement with elements a, b, c, and d above, and comment on PK 11195 Parasite whether there are actually any other aspects you believe are vital to transformation. Query 6: In your opinion, which are the three most significant reasons that justify the work to transform the university into a data-driven organisation Query 7: What value do you believe this project brings for your region especially Query eight: How do you think you must contribute towards the project and to what extent do your really feel prepared What would you’ll need to feel ready Query 9: What will be the most considerable difficulties/barriers to the project How can they be overcomeSustainability 2021, 13,27 ofAppendix D. Concerns for Expert Consultants Query 1: BI-0115 Purity & Documentation universities are now employing information to improve their decision-making, each for their students and in organization and management elements. Examples of the use of information in American universities:Measuring student functionality, offering guidance and assistance to people that require it, allowing for early intervention and enable for students prior to it can be as well late; Student admissions method to select essentially the most promising students and predict their prospective; To assistance student enrolment and raise the amount of students at the university; To raise additional donations (for American universities, donations are an essential source of revenue); The use of data from LMS (Canvas, Moodle, and so forth) to support students and improve studying outcomes; The usage of biometric information to understand patterns of stress and consideration among students, like a biometric bracelet tracking electrical charges within the sympathetic nerves from the student (by analysing the information from each bracelet, teachers can determine the level of commitment of the student (or lack thereof) in actual time); In building projects to optimise the usage of space; Blockchain for security and veracity of accreditations; Detection of safety threats towards the university network; Retention of students and enhanced graduation rates.In what specific regions, and making use of what methodology (econometrics, neural networks, and so forth.), do you feel this data can assist the university also to.