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The kidneys are accountable to get a diverse range of functions like homeostatic, regulatory and excretory functions also as hormone production. Injury in the kidneys could be linked with complications for instance anemia, improved blood pressure, decreased top quality of life or perhaps death. Infectious diseases caused by pathogens for example viruses, bacteria and protozoa might affect the typical function from the kidneys [1]. Chagas illness, discovered by Carlos Chagas in 1909 [4], is actually a serious American parasitosis attributable to the hemoflagellate protozoan Trypanosoma cruzi. This illness is often a important public wellness concern in Latin America, where it really is estimated to have an effect on 124 million persons [5]. In non-endemic countries, Chagas illness has also been reported as consequencemainly with the migration of infected folks from endemic nations (Latin America) to these regions [6]. Also, this disease causes the death of roughly 21,000 people today each and every year worldwide [7]. Clinically, Chagas illness usually develops from an acute to a possi.